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Emergency Preparedness (Tiger)

The Emergency Preparedness Award is part of a new BSA program of emphasis for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Leaders, in cooperation with the Federal Department of Homeland Security. Details of the program are on-line, on the official BSA web site, and can be seen by clicking here.

Tiger Cub Scout Requirements

1.  Complete Tiger Cub Achievement 3—Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe. This achievement covers a family fire plan and drill and what to do if separated from the family.
2.  Complete Tiger Cub Elective 27—Emergency! This elective helps a Tiger Cub be ready for emergencies and dangerous situations and has him discuss a family emergency plan with his family.
3.  With your parent or guardian's help, complete one of these three activities.
•  Take the American Red Cross First Aid for Children Today (FACT) course.
•  Join a safe kids program such as McGruff Child Identification, Internet Safety, or Safety at Home.
•  Show and tell your family household what you have learned about preparing for emergencies.