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Emergency Preparedness (Bear)

The Emergency Preparedness Award is part of a new BSA program of emphasis for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Leaders, in cooperation with the Federal Department of Homeland Security. Details of the program are on-line, on the official BSA web site, and can be seen by clicking here.

Bear Cub Scout Requirements

1.  Complete Bear Cub Scout Achievement 11*—Be Ready. The focus of this achievement is the best way to handle emergencies.
2.  Make a small display or give a presentation for your family or den on what you have learned about preparing for emergencies.
3.  With your parent or guardian's help, complete one of the following activities that you have not already completed for this award as a Tiger Cub or Wolf Cub Scout:
•  Take American Red Cross Basic Aid Training (BAT) to learn emergency skills and care for choking, wounds, nose bleeds, falls, and animal bites. This course includes responses for fire safety, poisoning, water accidents, substance abuse, and more.
•  Put together a family emergency kit for use in the home.
•  Organize a safe kids program such as McGruff Child Identification program. Put on a training program for your family or den on stranger awareness, Internet safety, or safety at home.